AJA Exclusive

 Many people approaching us share few common questions or let us put in the other way - same doubts or apprehensions or fears. As a service provider, it is our responsibility to shoo away your apprehensions to build confidence and healthy relationship between us. 

How do you maintain the confidentiality of our case?

Or should we say, how do you believe whether your information and identity is maintained as secret? Isn't it?

Well, as mentioned in one of our pages, we believe in  Professionalism, Client Confidentiality, Honesty.

We would like to clear that these terms are not mentioned as heavy-duty attraction or as fancy, but because we believe in it; not out of compulsive motto, but it is our choice, we chose to be so. 

As mentioned before, we are a group of individuals who have already gone through the path. We have our share of lessons, where our trust  was destroyed, honesty was ridiculed and our attitude was humiliated. It is said, lessons learnt in hard way is hardly forgotten.

It is inhumane to take advantage of human helplessness and emotions, be it in anyway. And we are completely against it.  

How do we work?

  1. When we are presented with the case, our team review the case in detail
  2. After detailed review, a work plan is drawn
  3. On the basis of the work plan, the length of the investigation and cost incurred is calculated
  4. Then, the cost and length of the investigation is discussed with the client
  5. Only after the client confirms by signing the authorization to proceed with the case, the investigation will begin


Each and every case is unique. Hence, the length and cost of the investigation is different  for every case.

At the end of the investigation, a detailed report based on our investigation will be provided.  We do not guarantee a specific result. Our report will be brief compilation of our observation throughout the investigation period.  

As much as we put in our honest efforts in the investigation, the contents on the report is final; on no terms, the report will be fabricated.

We investigate each and every case with equal commitment. Hence we do not entertain arguments on the report issued. 

It is to be understood that the cost quoted do not include other charges incurred in the investigation. Say, Travel charges, Accommodation charges, Fuel charges, etc.